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She expects to host more dinners payday loans lawmakers at her Kalorama home, as she has done over the last several months, and continue addressing issues impacting women and families. Two people have also noted that after-school sports have also come up as an issue.

According to a source familiar with the situation, since the transition, she has been in several meetings about the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Payday loans, a topic that has come up organically in broader conversation about supporting the games, this person said. This unusual portfolio does not appear accidental. The ongoing, ever-shifting parlor game about when the couple will return to New York now has them staying in Washington through the end payday loans the school year-in June, according to four people in their social orbit-although plans can shift and nothing is set in stone.

But that was not to be. The first evidence of her unbending stand came from her close ally in the House of Commons, Home Secretary Amber Rudd, when she repeated that it was wrong for Trump to retweet videos. A few hours later, May, who is on a tour of the Middle East, stood by her original criticism. This universal denunciation of an American president is unprecedented in Britain, and while the Home Secretary insisted in the Commons that the invitation for a state visit had been issued (and accepted), she said no date was set.

Indeed, it seems increasingly unlikely that Trump will ever be the guest of the Queen and be treated to the full panoply of British pomp, which would include an address to the Houses of Parliament.

Some Labour opposition M. But the challenge of protecting the president in the face of payday loans demonstrations that have been promised is probably enough to deter the White House from taking up the invitation. There is also the delicate problem payday loans the Royal wedding next year. While the Obamas, who are friendly with Prince Harry, seem certain to be invited to his nuptials with the American actress Meghan Markle, it is hard to see the president and the First Lady attending the ceremony in Westminster Abbey.

But the bonds between the two countries are deep, with their political establishments working closely on surveillance and security operations and in military and diplomatic matters. Under more normal circumstances, you would expect the British ambassador to the U. The unthinkable equivalent would be for May to endorse the Klan and then get nasty about it when the American government objected. Trump evidently cares very little about the outrage in Britain, being more concerned with consolidating his extremist base in the U.

He is prepared to sacrifice the well-tested cooperation between the U. The stand against Trump is quite surprising for a country that is so troubled and isolated, and I have to say that the reaction makes me quite proud. But maybe the readout is more complicated than the headlines of the last 24 hours suggest.

Until now, May has held up her relationship with the president as the key to life outside the European Union. She rushed to see him in the White House as soon as she could, held hands with him on the way to their appearance in front of the media, announced the state visit and, thereafter, constantly presented the American market as the principle alternative to the 500 million consumers within the E. To be candid about my compatriots, it would be very unlike the British to allow a principle to get in the way of such an important deal.

After all, the British sell arms to practically anyone, and frequently ignore the human-rights records of government they wish to do business with. This stand seems to be going against everything we know about wily Albion and its long record of self-interest.

One explanation is that two hard realities have hit the May government. The first cash advance loans is the realization that Donald Trump is an unreliable partner and he will grant Britain no favors when it leaves the E. The second is that the Brexit negotiations have persuaded British officials that life outside the Single Market will be so tough that the country will not survive as a stable political entity. I have no evidence for either of these theories, except that the current stand against Trump and his repulsive views appears to be out of character.

We have tolerated much worse as a nation. Whatever the truth of the matter, it is clear that the old transatlantic alliance is in trouble. The one person who will be rubbing his hands with glee is Mr. Eastern time from Florida, where Trump is spending the Thanksgiving holiday at his Mar-a-Lago club. But any pretense that Trump would maintain a regular working schedule died when the pool left Mar-a-lago later that day, arriving with the presidential motorcade at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach at 9:26 a.

A day earlier, CNN had reported that a federal grand jury had approved the first indictments in the Russia investigation, and that anyone charged would likely be taken into custody as soon as Monday. But in the Old Post Office building, just blocks down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House, the atmosphere was decidedly celebratory.

Donald and Melania Trump arrived, around 8 P. Elsewhere inside the hotel, Ivanka Trump, the First Daughter and assistant to the president, was celebrating her 36th birthday two days early. Her husband, Jared Kushner, joined after just returning from an unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia, as Politico first reported. The president and First Lady stopped by the dinner, as well, before making their way back to the White House before 10 P.

The surprise capped off a barreling week for the Trump-Kushners.

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